Virus - Deltron 3030

I wanna devise a virus
        to bring dire straits to your environment,
        crush your corporations with a mild touch,
        trash your whole computer system and revert you to papyrus!
        I want to make a super virus,
        strong enough to cause blackouts in every single metropolis.
        'Cause they dont wanna unify us
        So fuck it, total anarchy
        can't nobody stop us!
You see late in the evening,
        fucked up on my computer and my mind starts roaming...
        I create like a heathen -
        The first cycles of this virus I can send through a modem,
        infiltration hits your station,
        no Microsoft or enhanced DOS will impede...
        Society thinks they're safe when...
        bingo! Hard drive crashes from the rending
        A lot of hackers tried viruses before
        vaporizing your text like so much white-out.
        I want it where the file replication is a chore
        Lights out shut down the entire White House
        I don't want just a bug that could be corrected
        I'm erecting immaculate design
        Break the nation down section by section,
        even to the greatest minds, it's impossible to find!
'Virus', by Deltron 3030, from their premier album Deltron 3030