Two years later

Hah! My one‐off hacky code usually doesn’t have this kind of longevity. I was working on my résumé, and decided to re‐enable the navigation section on my landing page. That navigation included a link to this blog, which I had entirely forgotten about; going back to set it back up, I found the content was lost in my server move.

Well, luckily, I based my blog on git, right? All the actual posts were still distributed across multiple hosts. All I had to do was re‐install the old blogging system I wrote, git-blog, and … oh shit. I had absolutely no idea if git-blog would even run on Ruby 1.9, much less interface correctly with whatever API changes may have happened to all the things it depended on in the last two years!

Long story short, two terminals, one SSH connection, and five commands later… the blog is re‐cloned onto the server, with the content re‐generated. I’m about to push the first new post from my Macbook Pro, with one further command.

Fuck yeah, git-blog.