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10:15:26 <@zenspider> I wake up... and I come in here... and the FIRST thing I see is elliottcable being an obnoxious prick ... AGAIN. I don't know who lifted your ban, or why, but you sir are NOT a welcome element in this channel.
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10:15:59 <@zenspider> I made it clear yesterday that I wasn't sure why your ban was lifted... but I let you stay, HOPING (stupidly) that maybe this time around you might have learned your lesson. 
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10:16:08 < elliottcable> … I'm helping people. And complaining about a channel, not this one, and then stopping doing so when I realized it may not be welcome to do so in here.
10:16:08 <@zenspider> it is pretty clear that you have not.
10:16:29 <@zenspider> so know this... I'll be back to reban you every time you show up.
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10:16:41 -!- elliottcable was kicked from #ruby-lang by zenspider [Kicked]

This has bothered me for some time. I think this is, what, my fourth ban from #Ruby-Lang? I have personal problems with “zenfag” as I’m prone to call him, and I’ll attempt to refrain from bringing those into this discussion. What I want to highlight here is what happened, in a general sense: somebody not related to a technical project themselves had a personal problem with someone also not related to said technical project, and used a specific means to prevent the second person from contributing to (or learning from) that community due to said personal problems.

I will out and admit that I’m an annoying person. Hell. Really annoying. In social channels, I’d probably be considered a troll and get banned as well. My point is that this very fact makes me the perfect example of my own argument - if an op is going to go off the handle and ban somebody who isn’t, in fact, reducing the quality of the channel to users… that person will be me.

The best technical communities will be unmoderated - the assholes, the foreign, the stupid - they all deserve help just as much as those that speak your language fluently, kiss your ass, and understand exactly what you’re explaining to them every time. If you don’t think so… then you, my friend, are the problem.