Sorry for the personal post, I know nobody likes an egotistical prick - no, wait, nobody but the egotistical prick himself likes an egotistical prick, my bad. I guess that means I’m not an egotistical prick.

… in any case (cough, cough), my Mac Pro is fuc’t up, somehow - I can’t connect to the internet with it. Neither on the Time Capsule Airport network I’m connected to with my Macbook Air right now, and on which I am going to be git-push’ing this post in a moment; nor via direct Ethernet connection to the cable modem. I’m starting to think some piece of hard-/firm-ware (… flaccidware?) is actually badly screwed up.

Since my Macbook Pro finally gave up the ghost, and won’t boot, I’ll probably be taking both into the local (not-an-actual)-Apple-Retail-Store tomorrow, to be left with nothing but my Macbook Air for a week.

All my in-progress work on Atom feeds for git-blog is on the Mac Pro, which means that’s probably on hold for at least a week - which is sad, I want feeds on my damned blog >,> ah well - at least I got it finished for the most part before this happened.